2011-10-03 - My new website created! =) Welcome

2011-10-01- During the month of October 25 pieces of my

                   collection is seen on Rica Hotel No. 25 in GBG.

2011-10-04 - Pressreleaser - Press Kontakt & My News Desk.

2011-10-07 - Interviewed by the newspaper Xtra Borås!

2011-10-08 - Begun to upload some old pictures.

2011-10-12 - I'm in the newspaper. (Xtra Borås)

2011-10-25 - Started to clean out the closet, many boxes of

                   pez and other fun stuff.

2011-11-01 - Rica Hotel No.25 borrows my pez further 2


2011-11-14 - Rica Hotel want to borrow my pez for the whole


2011-11-30 - My old homepage has gone to the grave. 

                   Rest in peace!

2011-12-05 - My 25 vintage pez returns home after 2 months

                   at Rica Hotel No. 25

2012-01-15 - Finally, the display cabinets are in place.

                   Now I can start picking up my PEZ and     

                   maybe start taking some photos!?

2012-03-05 - Waiting for two exciting packages!

2012-03-10 - Must get feet to my PEZ, they fall like dominoes.

2012-03-12 - The first package of two has arrived!

2012-03-20 - The second package has arrived!

2012-03-23 - Lovely Weronica saves my laying PEZ.

2012-06-22 - Mother, we love you forever and we will

                   miss you. Nothing will be the same again.

2012-07-02- Waiting for a exciting package.

2012-07-10 - The package has arrived. 

2012-08-15 - Finally we managed to decide a day.

                   One of Sweden's largest PEZ collectors 

                   makes a visit.

2012-09-15 - I have started to manufacture glass shelves to

                   my PEZ cabinet. Now they will be viewed better!

2012-10-30 - Many new PEZ is on the way, hoping to add 

                   some new photos.

2012-11-05 - Need to build more shelves to my pez.

2012-11-15 - Only a few days left to Sweden PEZ Gathering!

2013-01-01 - Working with new cabinets and shelves.

2016/2017 - Moved to a new house.... now all PEZ live in 

                   boxes! Hope I can build a room to them.

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