Store Promotions

Zinnafant Elephand was made for the Glaxo SmithKline pharmaceutical company in Austria in 1999 to promote their new antibiotic. Many say for this dispenser to be complete, it needs to have the accompanying candy pack.



The Donkey was made fore the premier of shrek in Europe and was available at theatres only.



Golden Baloo given out at the opening of the movie in the late 90's in Europe.



This golden masked version of the Incredibles was released in European countries for the opening of the Incredibles movie.

Chick-Fil-A restaurants, a fast food restaurant chain based out of Atlanta, Georgia, released a unique Cow Pez dispenser in October 2008.

Their T.V. and print ads feature a cow saying "EAT MOR CHIKIN." If the cow can get you to eat more chicken, he won't have to become hamburger!



The Maximare "Bad Hamm" elephants were made for a Germanwater park and spa. 

The first one is a clear crystal head on a solid blue stem, and no writing on it. It was released in 2004.

The second is a blue crystal head on an orange stem.

the stem it reads "Maximare Erlebnistherme Bad Hamm"



Bolo Bear is the mascot of Liverpool department stores in Mexico 2012. there were 25000 of these produced.

FAO Schwarz is a toy store. They had an exclusive FAO Schwarz bear produced for sales in their stores. These were released in 1999 and use the Icee Bear mold.

The bears came on 4 different stem colors.

Released in August of 1999, the Zielpunkt Pez Dispenser was made exclusively for an Austrian Supermarket chain of the same name. Zielpunkt roughly translates into "Target Point" (On Target).

The Chuck E Cheese Mouse pez was released as part of an advertising campaign in 2010. This pez was produced for CEC Entertainment for distribution through Chuck E Cheese Pizza locations and is promoted as a limited edition.

This pez was produced for Geico Insurance companies 2010 and it is a gecko pez with Geico printed on its stem. This is the advertising campaign allowes some Geico insurance agents to distribute the pez.

The Nivea Action truck pez dispenser was produced for the Nivea Familien Fest in Austria August 23 - 24, 2003.  This pez has a printed stem that says Nivea at the back end of the truck and Actiontruck at the top of the dispenser by the cab.



Introduced in the summer of 1999, these very unique pez dispensers were officially made by Pez Candy for the Jack-In-the-Box restaurant chain.




Sparefroh 2009 Promo for World Savings Day.

Austria, there is the character called Sparefroh who is used to encourage people to save money on World Savings Day, at the end of October of each year. Twice, Pez has released the Sparefroh character as a dispenser that was given away by banks on World Savings Day. Sparefroh means happy saver. The newer version was never for sale, It was given away to those who opened accounts on World Savings Day.



Novartis Lion

Promotion item for Norvartis Pharmaceutical Company in 2004, the makers of a blood pressur medication in Europe.



The Smart Pez have been released through pharmacies or drug stores in Austria.The dispensers feature ‘brainy’ smart boy and ‘brainy’ smart girl characters on 6 different stems.

The Bundesrat is one of the five permanent constitutional organs of the Federal Republic of Germany. These dispensers were given away with a safety game for children in 2005.

In 2005, the FX Show offered an exclusive Pez. This is the hand holding the Earth, representing the "Coolest Show on Earth". There were 8 variations offered in 2005, each with different pad print color combinations. The white with a black outline was offered to the first 500 public entrants to the Saturday show, the pink with black outline was offered to those with a 3 day pass and the red with white outline was given to dealers and exhibitors. The other variations were sold at the show and the orange with white outline was limited to only 50 made for staff.


The Crystal USA Heart produced for sales only direct from Pez company as Pez Offer. These pez dispensers are hard to come by as they were never released in retail stores.

There is also a red color heart with blue stem version.